Thursday, September 06, 2007

Could it Be???

Really? Have i not updated since May??? Does it matter? I feel like i am talking to myself sometimes. Like i am in a cave and just listening to my own echo.....Hellooooo?? Helllooooooo!!!!
Well for all you who aren't reading this, here is how things have been since May.
School ended. We had a bit of summer. I had surgery in July. Recovered. And Now it is September. Nice and quick. Not painless however!
Really though, the summer was a bit slow and maybe boring for the kids. Let me just add that to my list of mommy guilt. (not really. i try to keep that list to a minimum!)
At the top of my head, i really don't know what to report about that, so i will continue on to school! Emilio started 5th grade and Cruz 2nd. And Francesca started kindergarten, and yes, Liliana, preschool! Everyone seems happy and adjusted to their teachers. I expected Frankie and Lili to need me a bit more but they didn't. I expected to cry and get all emotional when i left them in their class cuz they need me so......but nothing. Just a happy wave goodbye!! My response? "hmmmm, uh, ok. Bye" So i realized i have a little hang up about being needed. I think it is time to let them go a bit. And i am a firm beleiver that it is my job to empower my kids to be independant and strong. I need to stop doing so much for them and let them discover a little responsibility and accountability. So i guess i will start and stop talking about it. right?
Because if i am so needed then i don't have to move on and start something new for myself. That is the truth behind all this! Cat's out of the bag! My fear! I have been a mommy for ten years! I'm so good at it now (questionable at times, i know) How could i possibly do something else?????
Which brings me to my new endeavor of substitute teaching! Although close to being the mom and babysitting i know..........but i will get paid real money for it!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!
To Be Continued!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Feeling Lucky!

Today i was doing the laundry (when am i not???)
and as usual picking the little things out of the washer......and out of the dryer.
You know, those things that are left behind in the pockets of the kids? (total Beaver Cleaver)
Those kid treasures! I pick them out and put them in a can on the shelf above the washer. Today i couldn't help myself from laughing! Check out allllll these fun things that come out of my kids pockets! Things that are important enough to save in the pockets.........but then forgotten.......only to become my little treasured memories. The little things that make me smile.
Sooooo, here we have it: some change, of course. A marble, a seashell, a ladybug clip, a ring, a bracelet, a paperclip, a dice, a rock,
a spring (???) a fingernail file (you never know when you may need to bust someone out!) a doll shoe, a sticker, a rubber ball, and some little cow guys we got from the machine at the grocery, etc.
These "pocket treasures" make me feel lucky to be a mommy!!!!
And they make laundry a little more enjoyable too!
But as a sidenote......i have also encountered a Crayon or two in the dryer.
That doesn't go over very well, especially when they are in the 'whites'!!!!!
C`e la Vie!
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Did you know.........

my husband is a giant?? LOL!!!!!!!!
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That Liliana!!!

I had a light bulb moment tonight. I remembered how when i was pregnant with Liliana people would stop me, all the time. (really. this is no joke!) They would tell me how blessed i was, or tell me "God Bless you", or just drawn to touch my belly.........alllll the time! It was bizzarre. This is the baby we didn't plan to have remember? BUT......we know and even then we knew she was a blessing in disguise! We just couldn't imagine life without this child!
My lightbulb was tonight at Emilio's baseball game........people are still drawn to her!
She attracts attention everywhere we go!
She is witty, and cute, and silly, and loud, and bossy, and a copy cat, talks too much, climbs out of the shopping carts to freak people out (except me. she never falls) she won't hold my hand in a parking lot, she wants to eat out of a "glass bowl" or she won't eat, she argues with me over what clothes she is going to wear, and don't get me started on the shoes! She has to buckle her own seatbelt and close the car door, CRAZY basically. And of course the list goes on........and on..........
But people still love her! They talk to her all the time! She has great energy about her......shear independance! She amazes me. She makes me laugh. She makes me shake my head in disbelief (Javi too.!) And some days this strong willed little human can make me cry!
This child is a piece of work! She is ONLY 2 people!!!!!!
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

ThIrTeeN YeArS

Is it possible??? I am waaaay to young to have been married 13 years! And add those 4 kids! Holy Cow, time flies!!! (when you're having fun...???)
Yes, i'd say it's been a pretty fun ride! And the best part....our baby days are slowly winding down, (not that i don't love almost every second of it), and Javi and I still have LOTS of years to play........and have fun....and enjoy eachother, and our kids who are not babies........and watch them grow!
Yay for US!!!!!
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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Girl "Right of Passage"

{{{{{sigh}}}}}. I knew it was bound to happen someday. I just didn't think at 2 years old Lili would inflict this on herself......alllll by herself. In the bathroom. Yes. Today Liliana gave herself a haircut. You know. Just a little off the top. She told me she was going to wash her hands. I was so proud of her. She is so independant. THEN.....I realized what she had done. I saw a little hair on the floor and i wasn't so sad. Then i looked in the trash and there it was. (isn't that sweet. she tried to clean it up!) A pile of curls. She's lucky she is a curly top cuz you really can't tell. But she did quite a number on her hair. It is VERY short on top! Dang! And it was almost long enough for two little "Cindy Lu Who" ponytails!!!! She is very satisfied with herself and her cutting abilities. I have to give her credit i suppose. No blood. And those scissors are pretty sharp. I'm kidding people. RELAX!!!!!
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Look what I did!!!

Finally, after having several different paint color samples on the kitchen walls, i settled on Red! Here are some pics of the kitchen. I finally finished painting today! It looks so pretty and i am so happy with the way it turned out! It took LOTS of coats but the hard work paid off! I love it! is one of the worst colors to paint. If you do it....use a gray primer first! It will make your life so much happier!
What do you think?

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Frankie and Cruz

I was so happy to capture these moments of Frankie and Cruz playing. They have the most interesting dynamic between them. They can be the worst of enemies....bickering, shouting, fussing with eachother.......down right mean and i can't stand it! (truthfully) BUT, on the other hand........they are the best playmates! I have caught them playing so sweetly with "My Pretty Ponies" or with the beanie babies, making up all kinds of scenarios. It is so cute and i truly cherish those times! This night they were playing with play doh right before bedtime. I was a little cranky and telling them over and over to "PUT IT AWAY!" Which they didn't. But i realized they were laughing so hard! In MY fussiness, i didn't hear the laughter. But then i stopped to look at them and listen they were being soooo funny! And litterally cracking eachother up! These are the times i hope they remember. These are the times that i hope I remember...........ALWAYS!  Posted by Picasa