Friday, June 30, 2006

We've got a deck!!

Thank Goodness! We are not surrounded by a dust bowl anymore! They came today as scheduled to pour our pool deck! It is BIG! We are all chomping at the bit to get this project finished!!!! So i guess the major work is done. They will come the week of the 4th to tile the border, then the next week to put in the surface!!!! Then.........PARTY!!!!!! Posted by Picasa
This is Javi trying to get the old pool light out so we can replace it. The co. tried on 3 different occasions to get the darn thing out and couldn't do it. So we finally decided to try one last time and if they couldn't get it we would abandon the pool light. Thank goodness Javi was off on Fri. cuz he was here to use his super human strength and guess what!!!! He got it out!!! Hooray! So we will have a new pool light! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 17, 2006

VBS and Swim lessons

This week the boys, Emilio, Cruz and Anthony spent the week at Vacation Bible School. And the girls (and I) had swim lessons. Frankie is doing great learning how to swim on her own! And Liliana, LOVES the water!! She reminds me of Cruz when he was her age. She just jumps right in and goes under the water with no hesitation! She is a dare devil! We will have to watch her like a hawk when the pool is finished! Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

We are so Blessed!

Tata watched the girls for me last week so I could help my friend Joni with some wedding arrangements. When i came home Frankie had fallen asleep on Tata's chest! Could anything be any sweeter??? I tried to catch them while they both napped, but Tata caught me!
Anyway, Javi's mom, 'Nana" was here this past weekend too. She always watches the kids for us too when she visits. We are so lucky to have family here to help us with the kids when we need it! Our kids are so lucky to have two sets of grandparents who love to be with them!
We love you Abuelos!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Dance Recital

This past Saturday, Frankie had her first dance recital!!! Talk about a long day! Frankie was such a trooper, but i have to admit i was suffering a little anxiety for the past few weeks about this! I wasn't quite sure she would actually go on stage and dance for the show! Sure enough, from what i've been told, and from what i could see from backstage.......she did pretty good! Considering she is the youngest in the class and the only four year old ( i think) in the whole school! But as her teacher said, It doesn't matter anyway, because they are just sooooo cute, no one cares!!
This is the best picutre i could get of her all day, because she was " to sweaty" for me to take her picture. Whatever that means. :) Posted by Picasa

Update: Pool Progress

Finally!!!! A little progress! They came to chip out the top layer of plaster from the pool. It boggles my mind that "they" can only accomplish one phase a week it seems. Truly, i think a pool remodel would take about 2 weeks if they worked daily....even everyother day! Geez! So, this was last a couple weeks ago. Last week they came and installed the new filter and pump, and light. They were supposed to come today to finish the plumbing and whaddaya know. THEY DIDN'T COME!!!! Sooooo, we'll see........on to better.....more exciting news!!!!
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