Monday, September 18, 2006

Project Runway

here we come! So how do you like liliana's latest fashion statement? I just couldn't resist painting some clothes on Lili! Not bad if you ask me!

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the process! Today Frankie wanted to paint. No big deal. I don't mind her painting at all! But then i notice little by little, she isn't painting on the paper! And soon the paper goes straight into the paint cups! She crumpled it into a little ball and put it in the paint, then would squeeeeeze all the paint into another cup. It was quite interesting and she had a little system going, so i just let her do it without saying a word! I was actually curious how far she would take this process! That's what good mommies do, you know. Well.....actually, I was on the phone!!!! Haaaa haaaaa!!!!
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are you satisfied????

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all better leave some comments! And don't forget to scroll all the way down, cuz i messed up on the dates! ENJOY!!!! Lisa Posted by Picasa

and more.....

Lucky 5
Nicole's house, Uncly Fred babysitting!!! so sweet Posted by Picasa


hmm, all my pix didn't make it. Here are more.

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A few of my faves

Heres some picks of the trip to KS. Thank you all! We had such a great time! I felt so malancholy when we got home! I remember that feeling as a kid. Just being with all the family for so long and then coming home was such a big downer. I don't know if all families have fun together like this. But I truly enjoyed everyone and loved just being there. Even if i wasn't even talking to anyone. Just the 'feeling' of being there, surrounded by everyone. Of course there are a lot more pix. I will put mine on snapfish. And Athina got some AWESOME pix too!
Christina's wedding is going to be a blast! I'm already looking foward to it! Hey Christina, can i make the guestbook?

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Lili Bugs

Where have the months gone?? I know it is so cliche, but when I look at her I just can't beleive how big she is! Sometimes I worry I won't remember them as babies. (thats why i have to remember to journal, cuz i am bad with the video camera!) This is one active, talkative, silly, loving little ladies ever! We all just love her so much! You know when you happen across your kids doing something so tender for eachother and it makes you want to cry? That's how Lili is treated. I've seen Emilio give her a blessing on her forhead before bed, or Cruz wake up in his sleep and give her a little snuggle, and a kiss while she sleeps, or Frankie be so concerned for her safety. It is so heartwarming and always makes me stop dead in my tracks and thank God for blessing us and making himself so present in our life.....geez i gotta stop........i'm getting all choked up............................
So today, we were at my Mom's for lunch (pizza) and Lili was just walking around.........hangin out. And Uncle Ruben comes in with one of his files and shows us the greasy paw marks on it......and we laugh and think it so funny. Then we hear her babbling in the other room and i realize, she has his cell phone and is probly calling Japan or something. Well, then he is looking all over for his eyeglasses, walking back and forth looking, then he stops and looks at her and asks her if she had them. Sure enough she runs to the back of the couch and pulls out his glasses!!!! Now that just takes the cake!!!! The little sneak!!! We would have never found them!

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Sunday night

at our house consist of barbecue and swimming and playing outside! This sunday night was no exception! I think we were outside from about 4pm -9 or 10! Javi found this surfboard on his UPS route. This is one of the advantages of being a UPS driver. You get to see everyones garbage......and decide whether it's uasable. You can ask Dave about this too! (some found items of Javi's have been, a 19in. TV with remote at an apt complex dumpster, a clock new in box, a hand cart behind some store, that came in VERY handy with all the landscape stuff!, and of course the surfboard! ) Anyway, back to the point....Javi had his eye on this surfboard in the front of some lady's house on his route. And as luck would have it, Javi happened to be delivering at the right place at the right time.........she was throwing it away!! It has found a nice home hanging in our backyard. And as you can see, the kids tried it out as well. Cruz was able to surf across the whole length of the pool! It was great! sorry about the italics....

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End of the summer!

Here is our last swim at the public pool! Take a close look at the pic with all the kids.......notice how pained Emilio and Lili are! I think Emilio has had it with me! Ever since he was little he has not liked his picture taken. What's up with that??? This was at a friends birthday party at the pool, cuz you know, that otherwise we'd be kickin' it in my backyard! Have I told you we got a new pool?????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My little China girls

Here are some pix of the girls in their China girl clothes. Rosie and her girls brought Frankies dress from San Francisco, and their Tio Andres brought Lili hers. It finally fits her so we had to take advantage of these phot ops. My Liliana is turning into a little ham sandwich for the camera. I think her Nina Rosie has has a little something to do with it! So cute! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 11, 2006

New beginnings

Today Frankie had her first day of Preschool! We got off to a great start in the morning and she was very excited. And thankfully she has a little girlfriend in the class who is just a dolly! I realize that preschool may take some getting used too when she decided she didn't feel like cleaning up at 'clean up time'. Then she didn't like the snack, and thought she would like something else. Then a boy smashed her finger and it was all over!!! :) I calmed her down from that incident, they went outside to play and at closing circle she started crying again cuz she didn't like the song! (it was too loud) Overall i think it was a good experience and i'm pretty sure she will go back!

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