Friday, July 28, 2006

Kelly Clarkson Concert

Tonight we we went to the Kelly Clarkson concert. My gosh does this girl have a voice!!!! She is great! And i'm pretty sure she is here to stay. Not a 'one hit wonder'! So, Javi's friend works for her tour, and got us all tickets for the show. We all went to the box office to pick up our tickets and we had to open the envelopes while the ticket agent watched to be sure everything was there. So I open mine and my tickets are there, our friend opens hers and her tickets are fine. Javi opens his and his ticket is there PLUS an 'all access backstage pass'!!!! Yes. He managed to rub it in a little! But it was a great time! Unfortunately none of us were able to meet her. Adrienne even went armed with a sharpie marker so she could sign her jeans! Boo.
By the way, it was outdoors at the Cricket Pavillion.....and it was HOT!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 21, 2006


We've returned from a successful trip to Disneyland! I LOVE Disneyland!!!! Even with 110 degree weather it was a great time for all!!! The kids were so good and patient waiting in those LONG lines. Disneyland is a very interesting place. I marvel at the whole concept of it! It is like a secret society. I think they should make it it's own city. Kind of like Vatican City! :)
It is perfectly clean, and the grounds are perfectly manicured! And after the parades and fireworks shows, the groundskeepers come out of nowhere to clean up instantly! They are wearing crip white dress uniforms also! I love it and I mean it when i say i am going to work there someday!
Here are some pics of the trip. We had lunch at California Adventure at Ariels Grotto. All the princess' are there and they come to each table for photo ops. It was great! Here are some of Javi, I told Cinderella, "I think Daddy needs a picture with you" and she proceeded to tell him how to stand like a prince. It was pretty cute! The Turkey legs are a big hit too. YUM! That was one of the first things we all wanted! And Tia Marisa and Tata went this year! What a huge help they were! They were tropper as well, hangin out with all the kids! But like i said, they were all so good, but then, why shouldn't they be, Disneyland is after all; "The Happiest Place on Earth"! I beleive it!

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A true summer day!

The pool is now open for business! Yesterday the kids swam all day, we had pizza outside on the deck, and just hung around! Adrienne was so sweet when she said "This is my first 'true' summer day!" Now this is what summer is all about! (and Disneyland, of course)

Check out Cruz's 'doo'! I am not kidding.... his hair is so long! It's so cute! I hope he is prepared to say goodbye to it before school starts!!!! I think he secretly likes all the attention he gets with all those curls! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mission Complete

Okay! Now we're cookin' with gas!!!! This was so cool to watch! They spray in the concrete, and start smoothing it out. They wear these spike on their shoes to kind of climb up the walls etc. I couldn't figure out how they were going to get out of the pool with the spikes on their feet, but they know what they are doing and after they smoothed it out once, they took off the spikes and put on the Sponge Bob shoes!!!! I thought this was kind of funny!
So here are some pics of the last step of the pool!!!

We just couldn't wait to see it filled up!!!! Took all day and night!! Over 24 hours! I'm scared to see the water bill!!! YIKES!!!!!
Hey Katherine, do you see my Crocs? I just got them to walk around Disneyland!

What do you think they are thinking??? It's like watching grass grow or something!
It looked so cool and refreshing! We were so sad to have to leave it to go to Cal. (at least we were going to see mickey!)
So........there it is. I will post pics when it is lovely and crystal clear! Posted by Picasa

The light is getting dim.

Geez, sorry about all these typos! I really can spell!
I am losing my marbles! They were supposed to come on Tuesday, and then Wednesday, and they did not come today!!!!!!!!! We are scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning! aarrrrghhhhhhh!!!! I will keep all those who are concerned about me and my pool posted. Or just myself. Cuz i really don't know if anyone besides myself and maybe Rosie reads this!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


On 7-11 at 7:11 we went to 7-11. Did you know it was their birthday and they were giving away free slurpees? Well, like i said; i try to do things that are free this summer........and hence, FREE SLURPEES for everyone!!!! This was a real treat, cuz in never let my kids get these! So we kidnapped Rosie's girls and they came with us to enjoy a frosty treat on a hot summer evening! :) Rosie called me and informed me the time was actually 7:11!!!! That was totally not planned but was pretty funny!!! I got the biggest kick out of that!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

Today we got the tile around the perimeter of the pool! They (the infamous "they") were supposed on Thurs. but turned out after I called the office, "they" cancelled! I told the office girl to tell them her customer was irate, which she knew and I really wasn't of course. But sure enough she got them there on Saturday! Yay!
Surface is due for Tuesday, and we will start filling it the same day! Now, i don't know if anyone is really interested in this process as much as me. But it is quite theraputic for me to log this process! I am busting a gut inside for this pool to be finished! I 've made a solemn vow to swim everyday and use the pool, but more importantly, i can't wait to tell the kids, "Go outside and play! Go swimming!!!!" The backyard has been a junkyard for the past 2 mos. I am dreaming of the day it is our "backyard oasis"! tee hee!!! :)
Oh, and what do you think of the tile? Javi picked it. I was a little nervous and concerned when they were starting to lay it, but I love it! It looks great! case any of you were on the edge of your seat just dying to know about the pool light........Javi, got it in! He is the master! The company wants to hire him for the removal of stuck cords!
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cruz and Anthony

I think maybe it's time for a haircut. Whaddaya think????
Kindergarten Lady-killers.
Best Friends.
Traviesos. Posted by Picasa

At the Car Wash

As the summer progresses, and so i don't go broke, i have to think of things to keep the kids busy and me sane. After going to the casino on the 4th my car was caked with mud. So i thought what a great idea to have the kids wash it for me! I'm not sure if they thought they were being punished for something, or if they enjoyed it! It was very muddy! They did manage to get the mud off, but it deffinately has to go to the "carwash"!
Cruz and Emilio were the perfect targets for Anthony! He couldn't resist! I think he got 'em right in the eyes!!!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th

Well today is July 4th. As usual at the last minute, we tried to figure out something to do and where to watch fireworks. Turned out the Casino right by our house was putting on a show, so we packed up the kids and went to KFC to have a picnic in the back of the Suburban!! :)
I have never seen, nor do i ever again want to see fireworks sooooo close! I am not kidding! We were so close my pants were covered in soot, and ashes were falling into my eyes! Ridiculous! It was so loud and so bright we could barely watch! BUT, it was something to do and the kids had fun. It was interesting to say the least! But, i did get a chance to go into the casino! Can you beleive i/we have never been there!!!! Pretty cool, and i think Javi and I will go back soon. Minus the fireworks. So as you can see we did get a chance to see Elvis up close and personal. (Yuck!) I can't beleive my boys actually posed for this! Not like them. Or Emilio i should say. And of course a few more snaps of the kids and the girls. I love their dresses! I found them hanging in the closet last minute. Courtesy of my cousin Michele in AK! Pretty cute! They handed out glow necklaces to everyone and when we got home, the kids put them around their ankles and wrists and played Power Rangers till about midnight in the dark It was hilarious!

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Lazy Days of Summer

HAAA!!!! Where did this phrase come from??? And whoever said it did NOT have kids!! Today after lunch I took the kids on the "Neighborhood Trolley" to have ice cream in downtown Scottsdale. They started a trolley run that travels right down our street and goes all through Old Scottsdale and to the Mall etc. It's so great, because we just stand in our lawn and wave it down and they pick us up! It's a great way for me to entertain the kids.....and it's free! So we went on a little adventure to the Sugar Bowl on Scottsdale Rd. And if you are from here, you know that it is somewhat of a Scotts. Landmark. I remember going there with my Mom and Dad! It is quite nostalgic, and the kids love it! From there we went into some shops, and then walked through Civic Center where they have a spray pad that the kids discovered and quickly peeled off their clothes to play. We stayed there a while and then walked to our trolley stop, and then decided to go see Rosie who now works and Scotts. Memorial. It was a much needed pit stop as we were all very hot and sweaty (and Liliana poured out the last of our water!!). The kids caused their fair share of mild rukus....and we were off again to the trolley and home! It was a long, but very nice afternoon!
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Sweet Baby Bugs

I don't know how the nicknames start in this family. I started calling Liliana, "Bugs" when she was tiny. Now it has turned into: Lili-bugs, baby-bug, buggins, buggies, stink-bug (when she has a poop), lovebug, and basically any variation of the above!!!
She is quite the pistol! She had a small tantrum (is there such a thing!) at Sugar Bowl cuz i wouldn't let her eat her Rocky Rd. ice cream with her hands! LOL!!!!! She does NOT like her diaper changed, she wants to eat by herself, be outside alllll the time, sit on her brothers backs and take Frankies blanket whenever she pleases. She is deffinatly the baby of the family.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yo Frankie...It's your birfday......

It's really not of course, but Javi has come across this Super girl line of products at the local conveniece store. To bad they don't carry underwear and socks....he could proble pick that up too! Anyway, he first bought Frankie these wristbands.....i don't think she has taken them off yet. She has bathed and swam in them numerous times......they are actually turning an awkward shade of gray brown now. Hmmmm. So then he comes home with the matching supergirl baseball hat! She has recently taken a liking to Emilio's Phx. Cardinals hat, so he thought this might be a little better i guess. Trust me, she did these poses all on her own. She said she wanted to look like a rock star!
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