Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I never really thought i would get into this "blogging " thing. I thought....who would really want to read the mundane daily happenings of a stay at mommy of 4? (5 including the husband) But I've been thinking. I love reading other peoples blogs. You can really learn something from another persons life. So. I think I will give it a go. As my husband (Javier) says: "I think we should let doctors study our kids! Maybe let them attach a GPS system to their little bodies and track their trail all day long!" Sounds like a Family Circus cartoon!
So yesterday, needless to say, i thought i was going to have to rush Liliana (15mos.) to the hospital for stitches. She simply tripped in the hallway, but managed to belly flop head first into the hinge of the hall closet! Screaming and blood dripping. The other kids scrambling to help, checking out the place of impact. They were like little CSI investigators checking out a crime scene! We should have drawn a chalk line around her little body where she fell! You know, i always like to find some humor in this stuff!!! tee hee! Well, she didn't need stitces, but i did take her to the doc. Thankfully she'll live, unfortunately with a nasty scar in her eyebrow. Oh, well. Maybe we'll tell her it's a birth mark or something, because it will match Cruz's scar in his eyebrow, when Javi nailed him with the shovel! (that one required a ER visit!)  Posted by Picasa

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RosiePosie said...

Wow! Now not only can we talk on the phone 24/7, but we can email and BLOG TOO! Your post was funny!