Sunday, February 11, 2007

Frankie and Cruz

I was so happy to capture these moments of Frankie and Cruz playing. They have the most interesting dynamic between them. They can be the worst of enemies....bickering, shouting, fussing with eachother.......down right mean and i can't stand it! (truthfully) BUT, on the other hand........they are the best playmates! I have caught them playing so sweetly with "My Pretty Ponies" or with the beanie babies, making up all kinds of scenarios. It is so cute and i truly cherish those times! This night they were playing with play doh right before bedtime. I was a little cranky and telling them over and over to "PUT IT AWAY!" Which they didn't. But i realized they were laughing so hard! In MY fussiness, i didn't hear the laughter. But then i stopped to look at them and listen they were being soooo funny! And litterally cracking eachother up! These are the times i hope they remember. These are the times that i hope I remember...........ALWAYS!  Posted by Picasa

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Rosie Posie :o) said...

that is the sweetest! i wish my kids had a brother!