Monday, February 19, 2007

The Girl "Right of Passage"

{{{{{sigh}}}}}. I knew it was bound to happen someday. I just didn't think at 2 years old Lili would inflict this on herself......alllll by herself. In the bathroom. Yes. Today Liliana gave herself a haircut. You know. Just a little off the top. She told me she was going to wash her hands. I was so proud of her. She is so independant. THEN.....I realized what she had done. I saw a little hair on the floor and i wasn't so sad. Then i looked in the trash and there it was. (isn't that sweet. she tried to clean it up!) A pile of curls. She's lucky she is a curly top cuz you really can't tell. But she did quite a number on her hair. It is VERY short on top! Dang! And it was almost long enough for two little "Cindy Lu Who" ponytails!!!! She is very satisfied with herself and her cutting abilities. I have to give her credit i suppose. No blood. And those scissors are pretty sharp. I'm kidding people. RELAX!!!!!
Note to self.....scissors belong up high.....right????? Posted by Picasa

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Rosie Posie :o) said...

That baby. She is way too big for her britches!!! I must say, I saw her...and it's not that bad. You really can't tell. But I did tell her..."If you do that again, No more PEZ". She a teeny, tiny voice..."ok".