Monday, May 21, 2007

Feeling Lucky!

Today i was doing the laundry (when am i not???)
and as usual picking the little things out of the washer......and out of the dryer.
You know, those things that are left behind in the pockets of the kids? (total Beaver Cleaver)
Those kid treasures! I pick them out and put them in a can on the shelf above the washer. Today i couldn't help myself from laughing! Check out allllll these fun things that come out of my kids pockets! Things that are important enough to save in the pockets.........but then forgotten.......only to become my little treasured memories. The little things that make me smile.
Sooooo, here we have it: some change, of course. A marble, a seashell, a ladybug clip, a ring, a bracelet, a paperclip, a dice, a rock,
a spring (???) a fingernail file (you never know when you may need to bust someone out!) a doll shoe, a sticker, a rubber ball, and some little cow guys we got from the machine at the grocery, etc.
These "pocket treasures" make me feel lucky to be a mommy!!!!
And they make laundry a little more enjoyable too!
But as a sidenote......i have also encountered a Crayon or two in the dryer.
That doesn't go over very well, especially when they are in the 'whites'!!!!!
C`e la Vie!
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