Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas pics!

We finally got a tree! Here are some pics at the tree lot. I can't beleive i actually got a decent photo of everyone!!! Yay! Except for Lili. She is as Javi calls her "a little speed demon"....she does not stay still! So her pic is a little blurry. But i'll take what i can get!
What????? Is that Lisa in a photo???? It's almost as bad as poor Rosie! That girl is never in photos! OK....note to self..........take lot's of pics on Christmas of Rosie........."got that rosie??? I gothcher back!"
LOVE These pics!!!!
ONLY IN ARIZONA!!! Looks like Javi is making Christmas tree soup! We heard that if you leave the tree in the pool overnight it will "stay fresher longer". What the Heck! We'll try anything to keep it fresh, we don't want a crispy tree! (fire hazard) yikes!
I'll keep you posted on it's freshness! To bad they don't make a big jumbo baggy......we could keep it all year!!!

And so, we brought it in the next day and I let the kids decorate it. It took everything in my power to let them "just do it"!!! I tend to be a little of a control freak when it comes to this sort of thing! But i did it and they put ornaments 'wherever'......and in clusters, and heavy ornaments on weak branches......BUT, it looks great! Posted by Picasa

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