Thursday, December 14, 2006

School Pics

Here are the kids school pics. Unfortunately i didn't oreder enough of the right sizes, and extras for sending out. I don't know what i was thinking. But i had a friend scan them so i could post. I am still going to try to take the to walmart or something to see if they will print them. You know, those dumb 'ol copyright laws.
I love the girls pics in their Mexican vestidos! These are Emilio's retakes, cuz the picture people told him to smile with his teeth or they would send him to the office!!! Can you beleive it?? I wrote a note on the retake form to let him smile how he wants to!
As for Cruzie....he has since had a haircut!!!! Isn't he a dolly though??????
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LisaE. said...

Wow! compare the two sets of pics!!!! Little demons to clean cut!!!! LOL!