Friday, December 29, 2006

Dance Class

We had family day at dance class last week. Frankie insisted on wearing this leotard with no skirt. Fine. Then she wanted to leave this strand of hair out of her ponytail. Fine. You know, i don't have time for these little details! But when we went to dance and all the other little girls had on their pretty little tutu's.......Frankie sure learned her lesson! She kept playing with this ribbon tie from her tap shoe, and trying to tie it around her ankle and the teacher kept asking her for it and of course she would say "no, i'm tying it on my ankle!" I was sitting in my seat video taping just willing the teacher to "JUST GRAB IT!" But she never did. Oh, well. It was a cute little performance anyway! LOL!
I love thse pics though. She really looks like she is concentrating on the dance (but she was really in a daze the whole time!) and check out those abs!!! Posted by Picasa

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