Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lili Bugs

Where have the months gone?? I know it is so cliche, but when I look at her I just can't beleive how big she is! Sometimes I worry I won't remember them as babies. (thats why i have to remember to journal, cuz i am bad with the video camera!) This is one active, talkative, silly, loving little ladies ever! We all just love her so much! You know when you happen across your kids doing something so tender for eachother and it makes you want to cry? That's how Lili is treated. I've seen Emilio give her a blessing on her forhead before bed, or Cruz wake up in his sleep and give her a little snuggle, and a kiss while she sleeps, or Frankie be so concerned for her safety. It is so heartwarming and always makes me stop dead in my tracks and thank God for blessing us and making himself so present in our life.....geez i gotta stop........i'm getting all choked up............................
So today, we were at my Mom's for lunch (pizza) and Lili was just walking around.........hangin out. And Uncle Ruben comes in with one of his files and shows us the greasy paw marks on it......and we laugh and think it so funny. Then we hear her babbling in the other room and i realize, she has his cell phone and is probly calling Japan or something. Well, then he is looking all over for his eyeglasses, walking back and forth looking, then he stops and looks at her and asks her if she had them. Sure enough she runs to the back of the couch and pulls out his glasses!!!! Now that just takes the cake!!!! The little sneak!!! We would have never found them!

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Stewie06 said...

Seriously making me want to have 10 kids! My eyes even started watering up! I love how affectionate kids are, esp. with there siblings. Makes me wish I had some!