Monday, September 18, 2006


the process! Today Frankie wanted to paint. No big deal. I don't mind her painting at all! But then i notice little by little, she isn't painting on the paper! And soon the paper goes straight into the paint cups! She crumpled it into a little ball and put it in the paint, then would squeeeeeze all the paint into another cup. It was quite interesting and she had a little system going, so i just let her do it without saying a word! I was actually curious how far she would take this process! That's what good mommies do, you know. Well.....actually, I was on the phone!!!! Haaaa haaaaa!!!!
That's the only reason i let her go...... Posted by Picasa

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shortyvbod said...

ok, I could never let that happen.
Unless they were at someone else's house. Tee Hee!