Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are you satisfied????

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all better leave some comments! And don't forget to scroll all the way down, cuz i messed up on the dates! ENJOY!!!! Lisa Posted by Picasa


Rosie Posie :o) said...

OMIFREAKINGOSH! It's about FREAKIN time!!!! look scary in this photo. But I know exactly what you are saying....


Wow we ask for an inch and you give us a freakin mile. Love all the pics. Love that you can make those square collages.

Today I was testing my stethescope on Lili. She thought it was so cool. She would go to the couch and lay down for me and pull up her shirt and her arms over her head.

Finally when all the fun was over, she kept coming up to me so I could do it again. I happened to be kneeling down by her. I knew what she wanted me to do....but instead I made the mistake of telling her no. UH BIG MISTAKE! I got a huge slap/whack on the cheek.

She clocked me.

Little meanie. Baby Boxer.

Stewie06 said...

Wow. Very impressive. Love all the pictures so much. Miss you all even more! I also love all the stories that go along with all the pics.
Rosie, that sucks about the slap in the face! lol I hate getting hit by little kids, they really hurt sometimes!
So, let me ask the perfect mothers (in my eyes)...what do you do when they do that? Do you discipline or laugh? What do you guys do when they just dont stop crying? You both have done such a ridiculous job of raising you kids, just trying to get all the tips I can for the future.
Well, love you both so much.