Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sunday night

at our house consist of barbecue and swimming and playing outside! This sunday night was no exception! I think we were outside from about 4pm -9 or 10! Javi found this surfboard on his UPS route. This is one of the advantages of being a UPS driver. You get to see everyones garbage......and decide whether it's uasable. You can ask Dave about this too! (some found items of Javi's have been, a 19in. TV with remote at an apt complex dumpster, a clock new in box, a hand cart behind some store, that came in VERY handy with all the landscape stuff!, and of course the surfboard! ) Anyway, back to the point....Javi had his eye on this surfboard in the front of some lady's house on his route. And as luck would have it, Javi happened to be delivering at the right place at the right time.........she was throwing it away!! It has found a nice home hanging in our backyard. And as you can see, the kids tried it out as well. Cruz was able to surf across the whole length of the pool! It was great! sorry about the italics....

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