Thursday, July 06, 2006

At the Car Wash

As the summer progresses, and so i don't go broke, i have to think of things to keep the kids busy and me sane. After going to the casino on the 4th my car was caked with mud. So i thought what a great idea to have the kids wash it for me! I'm not sure if they thought they were being punished for something, or if they enjoyed it! It was very muddy! They did manage to get the mud off, but it deffinately has to go to the "carwash"!
Cruz and Emilio were the perfect targets for Anthony! He couldn't resist! I think he got 'em right in the eyes!!!

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shortyvbod said...

I've enjoyed your pictures and posts. Looks like the kids are have a great summer. I know you are ready for school to start. When is that for you all?

Angela V.

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