Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mission Complete

Okay! Now we're cookin' with gas!!!! This was so cool to watch! They spray in the concrete, and start smoothing it out. They wear these spike on their shoes to kind of climb up the walls etc. I couldn't figure out how they were going to get out of the pool with the spikes on their feet, but they know what they are doing and after they smoothed it out once, they took off the spikes and put on the Sponge Bob shoes!!!! I thought this was kind of funny!
So here are some pics of the last step of the pool!!!

We just couldn't wait to see it filled up!!!! Took all day and night!! Over 24 hours! I'm scared to see the water bill!!! YIKES!!!!!
Hey Katherine, do you see my Crocs? I just got them to walk around Disneyland!

What do you think they are thinking??? It's like watching grass grow or something!
It looked so cool and refreshing! We were so sad to have to leave it to go to Cal. (at least we were going to see mickey!)
So........there it is. I will post pics when it is lovely and crystal clear! Posted by Picasa

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