Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The light is getting dim.

Geez, sorry about all these typos! I really can spell!
I am losing my marbles! They were supposed to come on Tuesday, and then Wednesday, and they did not come today!!!!!!!!! We are scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning! aarrrrghhhhhhh!!!! I will keep all those who are concerned about me and my pool posted. Or just myself. Cuz i really don't know if anyone besides myself and maybe Rosie reads this!


shortyvbod said...

Lisa I've been keeping updated on your life and pool. I really like this. ck out the w/ the kids washing the vechicle. I posted a note there as well.

Angela V.

Stewie06 said...

I read your stuff all the time! Its the only way I can see what all my cousins look like!