Friday, July 21, 2006


We've returned from a successful trip to Disneyland! I LOVE Disneyland!!!! Even with 110 degree weather it was a great time for all!!! The kids were so good and patient waiting in those LONG lines. Disneyland is a very interesting place. I marvel at the whole concept of it! It is like a secret society. I think they should make it it's own city. Kind of like Vatican City! :)
It is perfectly clean, and the grounds are perfectly manicured! And after the parades and fireworks shows, the groundskeepers come out of nowhere to clean up instantly! They are wearing crip white dress uniforms also! I love it and I mean it when i say i am going to work there someday!
Here are some pics of the trip. We had lunch at California Adventure at Ariels Grotto. All the princess' are there and they come to each table for photo ops. It was great! Here are some of Javi, I told Cinderella, "I think Daddy needs a picture with you" and she proceeded to tell him how to stand like a prince. It was pretty cute! The Turkey legs are a big hit too. YUM! That was one of the first things we all wanted! And Tia Marisa and Tata went this year! What a huge help they were! They were tropper as well, hangin out with all the kids! But like i said, they were all so good, but then, why shouldn't they be, Disneyland is after all; "The Happiest Place on Earth"! I beleive it!

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