Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer

HAAA!!!! Where did this phrase come from??? And whoever said it did NOT have kids!! Today after lunch I took the kids on the "Neighborhood Trolley" to have ice cream in downtown Scottsdale. They started a trolley run that travels right down our street and goes all through Old Scottsdale and to the Mall etc. It's so great, because we just stand in our lawn and wave it down and they pick us up! It's a great way for me to entertain the kids.....and it's free! So we went on a little adventure to the Sugar Bowl on Scottsdale Rd. And if you are from here, you know that it is somewhat of a Scotts. Landmark. I remember going there with my Mom and Dad! It is quite nostalgic, and the kids love it! From there we went into some shops, and then walked through Civic Center where they have a spray pad that the kids discovered and quickly peeled off their clothes to play. We stayed there a while and then walked to our trolley stop, and then decided to go see Rosie who now works and Scotts. Memorial. It was a much needed pit stop as we were all very hot and sweaty (and Liliana poured out the last of our water!!). The kids caused their fair share of mild rukus....and we were off again to the trolley and home! It was a long, but very nice afternoon!
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