Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yo Frankie...It's your birfday......

It's really not of course, but Javi has come across this Super girl line of products at the local conveniece store. To bad they don't carry underwear and socks....he could proble pick that up too! Anyway, he first bought Frankie these wristbands.....i don't think she has taken them off yet. She has bathed and swam in them numerous times......they are actually turning an awkward shade of gray brown now. Hmmmm. So then he comes home with the matching supergirl baseball hat! She has recently taken a liking to Emilio's Phx. Cardinals hat, so he thought this might be a little better i guess. Trust me, she did these poses all on her own. She said she wanted to look like a rock star!
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