Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th

Well today is July 4th. As usual at the last minute, we tried to figure out something to do and where to watch fireworks. Turned out the Casino right by our house was putting on a show, so we packed up the kids and went to KFC to have a picnic in the back of the Suburban!! :)
I have never seen, nor do i ever again want to see fireworks sooooo close! I am not kidding! We were so close my pants were covered in soot, and ashes were falling into my eyes! Ridiculous! It was so loud and so bright we could barely watch! BUT, it was something to do and the kids had fun. It was interesting to say the least! But, i did get a chance to go into the casino! Can you beleive i/we have never been there!!!! Pretty cool, and i think Javi and I will go back soon. Minus the fireworks. So as you can see we did get a chance to see Elvis up close and personal. (Yuck!) I can't beleive my boys actually posed for this! Not like them. Or Emilio i should say. And of course a few more snaps of the kids and the girls. I love their dresses! I found them hanging in the closet last minute. Courtesy of my cousin Michele in AK! Pretty cute! They handed out glow necklaces to everyone and when we got home, the kids put them around their ankles and wrists and played Power Rangers till about midnight in the dark It was hilarious!

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