Saturday, July 08, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

Today we got the tile around the perimeter of the pool! They (the infamous "they") were supposed on Thurs. but turned out after I called the office, "they" cancelled! I told the office girl to tell them her customer was irate, which she knew and I really wasn't of course. But sure enough she got them there on Saturday! Yay!
Surface is due for Tuesday, and we will start filling it the same day! Now, i don't know if anyone is really interested in this process as much as me. But it is quite theraputic for me to log this process! I am busting a gut inside for this pool to be finished! I 've made a solemn vow to swim everyday and use the pool, but more importantly, i can't wait to tell the kids, "Go outside and play! Go swimming!!!!" The backyard has been a junkyard for the past 2 mos. I am dreaming of the day it is our "backyard oasis"! tee hee!!! :)
Oh, and what do you think of the tile? Javi picked it. I was a little nervous and concerned when they were starting to lay it, but I love it! It looks great! case any of you were on the edge of your seat just dying to know about the pool light........Javi, got it in! He is the master! The company wants to hire him for the removal of stuck cords!
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