Friday, July 28, 2006

Kelly Clarkson Concert

Tonight we we went to the Kelly Clarkson concert. My gosh does this girl have a voice!!!! She is great! And i'm pretty sure she is here to stay. Not a 'one hit wonder'! So, Javi's friend works for her tour, and got us all tickets for the show. We all went to the box office to pick up our tickets and we had to open the envelopes while the ticket agent watched to be sure everything was there. So I open mine and my tickets are there, our friend opens hers and her tickets are fine. Javi opens his and his ticket is there PLUS an 'all access backstage pass'!!!! Yes. He managed to rub it in a little! But it was a great time! Unfortunately none of us were able to meet her. Adrienne even went armed with a sharpie marker so she could sign her jeans! Boo.
By the way, it was outdoors at the Cricket Pavillion.....and it was HOT!!!!! Posted by Picasa

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Stewie06 said...

I am so jealous, I love Kelly Clarkson. She has the most amazing voice. Katherine and I were going to get tickets to see her here but didnt end up doing that. I love concerts, I wish I could go to them every week!
Love you,